What made you decide to partner with Ultimo?

Andy: “I got in touch with one of the Ultimo consultants at a maintenance industry event in the UK in 2018. From the first moment on, I liked the open and transparant way that Ultimo was communicating with us. That is why we decided to do some first projects together at our customers in the UK.
However, Ultimo consultants needed to travel from The Netherlands to the UK, and did not know our customers very well at that stage. So this was not the most efficient way of working together.

This changed when Ultimo decided to build an international channel. The Channel Team of UItimo provided me with a clear vision about where they wanted to go and grow. The international focus at Ultimo shifted to enable local partners. We were the in pole position to be the first UK implementation partner, because I already knew that the product was good and so was our relationship with the Ultimo team.

As of then, we started with active pipeline sharing. Trust is not always guaranteed in the field of software vendors, however Ultimo gives us a really high trust relationship. They share the right information about (potential) customers, which allows us to prepare well and achieve the implementations and provide service in the best possible way.”

Which value brings partnering with Ultimo for DNASTREAM?

“We have become one of the inhouse partners for Ultimo in the UK. Ultimo allows us to generate our own projects, but we also receive leads and business from the projects that Ultimo realizes. This provides us with a good amount of (new) business in which we act as Ultimo’s local delivery partner. We know our customers and our market and we are now able to fully implement Ultimo software. This enables Ultimo to save time and money on travel expenses and on the costs to start a project. That makes us a good combination.”

What business value does Ultimo software offers to DNASTREAM’s customers?

“Ultimo is 100% focused on Enterprise Asset Managemen (EAM). In EAM you can quantify the benefits easily. You can measure what savings you can realize. Customers often ask us: ‘I want to manage my maintenance schedules more accurately’, ‘I want to have a better reliability of my assets’ or ‘I want to manage my workforce more efficiently, and spent less on overtime’.
Ultimo can help to address all of those things. The solution is capable in an enterprise, but it doesn’t come with all the baggage of an enterprise system. Ultimo has moved in an agile way to be well positioned in the market, offering flexibility on top of a stable and reliable cloud based solution.”

What differentiates Ultimo in the EAM market?

“Compared to other enterprise focused EAM systems, Ultimo is able to deliver the most important customer needs, without a high price tag. Therefore it is accessible to a lot more customers than some of the other solutions in the market. Ultimo is an easy to understand solution, in terms of look and feel, which is an essential aspect for customers. Customers appreciate the intuïtive and clean look and feel. This is very important for easy adoption, which is key in DNASTREAM’s philosophy. It is not so hard for customer’s staff to understand and not too hard to implement as well. These are important factors for the people who we talk with, because they want to be sure that new software is being fully used as well. If software is not adopted in a proper way, you won’t profit from the benefits of it.”

How would you describe the relationship with Ultimo?

“Ultimo staff are very friendly, open, willing to share information and want to work together. Like I said before, honesty and trust are very important for me. I don’t see any hidden agenda’s at Ultimo, which is not always common in the world of software vendors. Together with that, I like the flat organization structure at Ultimo. People are very responsive and willing to learn as well. I feel like people actually care about us, and vice versa.

The solution is solid and easy to understand. The e-learning training that Ultimo offers for our consultants is good. This, combined with the high level of trust that Ultimo gives us, really makes me enthusiastic and confident about the future of our partnership.”

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Kris Sage Sales Director