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Ultimo helps you in your day-to-day activities by offering various powerful usability features.

Through various powerful usability features, Ultimo helps you in your day-to-day activities. When you open Ultimo, you will start with the Ultimo dashboard. The dashboard contains counter charts and shortcuts to use processes. You can adapt the dashboards to your personal needs by using drag and drop features.

Furthermore, Ultimo allows you to filter your data via selection lists. Besides providing you with our market’s best practices, the unique flexibility of Ultimo enables you to personalize this list easily. To extract valuable information in an easy way, you can export it to excel or PDF. To create a specific subset of data, you can simply search on every column.

Ultimo also provides you with a powerful filter functionality. Apart from using this for comparable search actions, you can pre-define intelligent filters. Ultimo offers the possibility to search across multiple areas, like assets or the work order process.

We’ve had a look at some of the powerful usability features in Ultimo which simplify your day-to-day activities even further. For further information, watch the video on the topic of Look & Feel provided by Ultimo.


  • Powerful filter functionality
  • Simply extract information
  • Create personal dashboards
  • Easy to use

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  • Professional

  • Premium

  • Enterprise

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