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Assetplanner and KanBan

Ultimo provides planners that can be used in a smart way developed for long-term planning and planners that take care of the short-term. This allows you to create clear visualizations whilst maintaining a realistic forecast. See the Ultimo video on Assetplanner and KanBan for further information.


The asset planner helps organizations with high demands on the availability of production assets. The asset planner supports you in managing your downtime and performing actions during this downtime in an efficient way.


For a more operational planning approach, the KanBan boards are ideal. You can create various KanBan boards, taking into account for example, specific sites or teams. The KanBan board shows the steps in the workorder process. It offers a powerful search option, enabling you to find the right orders easily.

For further information, watch the video on the topic of Assetplanner and KanBan provided by Ultimo.



  • Efficiently manage your downtime
  • Realistic forecasts
  • Ease of use
  • Powerful search option

Available in

  • Professional

  • Premium

  • Enterprise

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