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In the asset management module, you can register the data of all your assets and gain an understanding on how to improve your processes.

The asset management module allows you to register the data of all your assets and gain an understanding of how to improve your processes. For greater understanding, you can create a hierarchy and visualize the data with an array of explorers. It also allows you to register relevant information including organizational and technical information, and other documentation.

Due to the extensive options, it is possible for every organization to clarify the asset structure. The explorer helps us in getting a clear overview of our asset tree. Thanks to the unique flexibility of Ultimo, the layout screens are adaptable to your needs.

You can access an overview of the asset lifecycle. This process seeks to break down the various stages in the life of an asset. Next to the asset lifecycle flow, we have the possibility to manage many other areas related to an asset. The jobs tab provides you with an overview of all corrective and preventive activities regarding the asset.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Through smart images, you can show your assets in a graphical overview, making assets in their position easily recognizable and offering you the possibility to directly interact with these assets based on the smart image.

These are some of the ways in which Ultimo helps you in achieving well-ordered management of the assets in your organization. For further information, watch the video on the topic of Equipment provided by Ultimo.


  • Flexibility
  • Clear overview of data
  • Array of explorers

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