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MT Competences Matrix

With the MT Competences Matrix you can monitor the competences your employees have for executing activities.


Monitor competences

With the module you can validate whether an employee is actually allowed to carry out a certain activity so you also guarantee the safety of your equipment. On the basis of an AOC code, instrument type or activity type you can link competences to an instrument. And is a competence linked to a training? This is registered in the software too. This provides an easy way of making sure your employees follow the correct training when they need to.

What are the advantages?

  • Information about who worked when on which instruments and with what competences.
  • Timely notification for possible retraining.
  • Options for registering temporary competences.

Based on real experience

The MT Competences Matrix module was developed in collaboration with a customer panel. These were the following hospitals: Zorggroep Twente, RadboudUMC, Diaconessenhuis Leiden, Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden and the Martini Ziekenhuis. All panel members shared their visions and gave feedback on the functionality realised so far. This means the module is based on practical experience and can be used in all hospitals.

MT Competences Matrix Cases

University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Goals in terms of transparency, customisation, customer-friendliness and cost control achieved
  • Broad facilities applications of the software
  • Improved internal communication
Martini Hospital
  • EHS software to improve software
  • Work permits are managed and issued transparently
  • Management of Change for large projects
  • Employees are now aware of the important role safety plays
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