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Personnel, equipment and resources of Fire department Amsterdam neatly integrated in one system.

All of Fire Department Amsterdam’s 1,100 employees are committed to prevent incidents and intervene when they do occur. The supporting services in the organisation are greatly helped by Ultimo Facility Management. Getting people, equipment and resources to the place of the incident involves a lot and needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Ultimo was used to integrate all these processes in one system. And people benefit daily.

The best use of one integrated system

One integrated system. When the Fire department Amsterdam first looked for a suitable CAFM system they considered the Property Management module. But during the implementation of that software it appeared that much greater advantages were possible if other subjects would be integrated in the system as well. This turned out to be true. The second module quickly followed: Ultimo Fleet Management. Meaning that all maintenance for rolling stock and its inventory was managed perfectly. It turned out that Facility Services was also a good match for the fire department, for processes such as reservations (rooms, cars and parking spaces), requests for transport logistics, and reporting failures and requirements.

Results by Ultimo so far:

  • Understanding of all products and services, their histories and costs.
  • Better coordination between products and services.
  • Support for effective budget spending.
  • And last but not least: the “Winner Ultimo Award 2016”!

Efficient and safe laundry

By registering the protective gear of the Fire department in Ultimo, the organisation is able to record laundry and repairs without a hitch. It now fully meets the directives for protective clothing. By registering in an efficient, consistent and automated manner how often a piece of clothing has been laundered, it is clear whether the gear still meets safety regulations or should be written off.

“The commitment of employees was the main success factor. This resulted in one integrated system, which led to better internal coordination.”
Bertus Bosman
Fire department Amsterdam

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