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Get to know the extensive options of Ultimo CMMS software. Experience our computerized maintenance management systems first-hand and learn how computerised maintenance management gives you control of your maintenance processes, cost management and the uptime and lifecycle of your assets.

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Advantages of Ultimo CMMS:

  • User-friendly
  • Flexible an easy to adapt
  • Customizable dashboards for personalised insights and overviews
  • Proven CMMS solution with over 1,500 customers worldwide
  • Can be used for other disciplines such as IT Services, Facility, Fleet and Infra Asset management

    Computerised Maintenance Management System

    Ultimo CMMS system contains a large number of standard functionalities. This basic software package can be expanded with optional CMMS modules, based on your specific needs and situation.

    CMMS system

    Rent or buy?

    Ultimo CMMS is 100% web-based. There are two options: you can purchase the CMMS system to install and run it on your own servers (On-Premise) or you can choose a monthly subscription fee where the CMMS runs in our cloud environment (SaaS). The SaaS option means you do not have to worry about infrastructure and managing the solution as this will be done by Ultimo.

    • Basic modules
    • Depreciations

      Keep track of the depreciation of the assets

    • Authorisation Management

      Arrange access control in Ultimo

    • Contract Management

      Comprehensible contract management

    • Dashboards

      Monitor KPIs with dashboards

    • Invoicing

      To charge on incurred costs

    • Installation Management

      Complete technical and administrative management of installations

    • Cost Registration
    • Periodical Maintenance

      Schedule Periodical Maintenance

    • People Management
    • Process Functions

      For the construction of a complete production line

    • Project Management

      Manage your projects

    • Reports

      Monitor the progress of activities

    • Master Data Management
    • Standard Notifications
    • Issue Management

      Manage distribution and return of inventory

    • Ultimo Customization Tool

      Unique tool to implement changes

    • Ultimo Go

      Web app for work on the go

    • Hour Registration
    • Time Accounting
    • Sending E-mails

      Sending e-mail from Ultimo

    • Stock management & Purchase

      Ensure stocks and support Purchase department

    • Work Order Management

      Complete handling of work orders

    • Spare Part Management

      To keep track of when exchange parts were built in or out

    • Workflow Scheduler+

      Create customer specific workflows

    • Optional modules
    • CAD integration

      Area import from CAD and generate floor area plans

    • Various Interfaces
    • E-mail Import

      Import E-mails in Ultimo and convert to messages

    • Energy Management

      Gain insight into the energy consumption of your Equipment

    • EHS Incident Management

      For reporting, processing and evaluating EHS incidents

    • Long-term Asset Planning

      Set up long-term estimates for industry critical assets

    • Lockout Tagout

      To prevent equipment from becoming operational unexpectedly during maintenance activities

    • Management of Change

      For requesting and processing modifications

    • Multijobs

      Coordinate multidisciplinary tasks

    • Product files

      Safeguards the life cycle of objects

    • Self Service

      To involve your internal customer actively in your provision of services

    • Service Level Agreements

      Safeguards service agreements

    • Stop Planning

      To plan various stops / shut-downs

    • Ultimo Go+

      Extra options compared to the standard web app Ultimo Go

    • Property Management

      Safeguards your entire Property portfolio

    • Shift handover

      Digital log for the communication between operators and maintenance

    • Work permits

      Supports the process of issuing and managing work permits

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    What is a CMMS?

    CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System, which is a software solution used by maintenance departments to register and process information related to the maintenance processes. A maintenance manager can then use the information stored in the CMMS to monitor and optimise maintenance processes, policy, ongoing contracts, uptime/downtime of assets and maintenance management. It increases your grip on maintenance processes and actively contributes to the improvement of safety processes (EHS) on the work floor.

    Smart Maintenance

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    Facility Management Software Lite

    Maintenance Management Lite, for starters!

    Ultimo Maintenance Management Lite is offered as a starter model for companies with small maintenance departments or only basic needs. UMM Lite is a simple, yet complete maintenance management software solution that will cover all your basic maintenance management needs.

    • An excellent first step towards professionalisation your maintenance processes
    • Designed for usability
    • Optional expansions are Self-Service and Ultimo Go+
    • Easy to upgrade to a full version of CMMS
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    A CMMS that matches your organisation and processes

    In line with our philosophy to produce flexible and user-friendly maintenance management software solutions, the Ultimo Customization Tool is always included in our offers. We strive towards a seamless fit of our CMMS maintenance software to your organisation and processes in order to get the maximum added value out of Ultimo CMMS. In this regard, the Ultimo Customization Tool assists you in making modifications to Ultimo CMMS system without having to do any programming. This can be done by your application managers, but our consultants are also always standby to lend a helping hand when needed. We also offer training courses to help you use the Ultimo Customization Tool to its full potential.

    Choose the version that meets your needs

      ​SaaS SaaS Premium On-Premise
    Investment Monthly Monthly One-off
    ​Platform Ultimo Cloud* Ultimo Cloud* Own server
    Customization Authorisation / settings Completely adjustable
    (Ultimo Customization Tool)
    Completely adjustable 
    (Ultimo Customization Tool)
    Access anywhere** Yes Yes Depending on your company network
    Ultimo Business Integration Limited Yes Yes
    Updates Included (once a year) Included (once a year) Excluded (on project basis)
    Best possible security Yes Yes Depending on your company network

    * By using Ultimo Cloud Platform for your Ultimo environment you will gain access to infrastructure that is available and up to date at all time. Both Ultimo and the partners that are involved in Ultimo Cloud Platform are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.
    ** with an operational internet connection.

    We will be pleased to explain the options and differences between these options in person.


    Implementing Ultimo CMMS is teamwork

    Ultimo Software Solutions Team

    You have chosen to use a CMMS to support your maintenance service. A smart decision! However, to maximise the effect of the CMMS a proper implementation and configuration are critically important. That is why Ultimo uses a tried and tested implementation methodology to create a suitable CMMS system for your organisation. Our experienced and committed professionals will assist you during the entire process, from purchase to implementation. The result will be a bespoke solution that will give your organisations all the benefits of a CMMS software and ensures your maintenance professionals enjoy their work even more.

    The advantages of our CMMS implementation:

    • A structured approach with clear phases: start, initiation, realisation, and completion.
    • Flexibility when needed, the project can be adjusted, accelerated, etc.
    • Supported by expert consultants who are committed to your success.

    This schedule gives you a general idea about the activities performed during the implementation process of Ultimo CMMS. The order of the activities and the activities themselves may differ per situation:





    Going live

    Our customers about CMMS


    "For years, we have been using the Ultimo Maintenance Management program for planning and managing the maintenance activities."

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    Maasvlakte Oil Terminal

    "The possibility to ensure our knowledge and to work more efficiently has been an important impulse for us. In the chemical industry much attention is paid to safety, Ultimo perfectly meets that need."

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    Recticel Insulation

    "Keeping the machines’ efficiencies on target is the most important maintenance challenge. The software has given us structure and discipline that was not there before"

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    Solidus Solutions

    "EHS incidents and maintenance processes optimally integrated with the help of Ultimo."

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