Ultimo Infra Asset Management

Ultimo Infra Asset Management provides a complete, scalable software solution for asset management, tailored to the infrastructure sector. It allows our customers to make well-considered decisions with regards to their asset management while considering the specific issues in the sector.

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    Transparent, Safe and Efficient

    Ultimo Infra Asset Management ensures detailed information on the assets is readily available for both the infra manager and the contractors, creating a transparent process that reduces the risk of miscommunications. It also allows for the monitoring and evaluation of mutual agreements, performance contracts and service level agreements so you can easily check if you are complying with the agreements. This also enables our customers to quickly prove they comply with certain norms, legislation and regulations, thereby enhancing the safety of the working environment.

    In addition, Ultimo Infra Asset Management increases efficiency and reduces costs by planning maintenance in a smart way, reducing downtime, improving working conditions and extending the life cycle of your assets. 

    Infra Asset Management Software

    • Basic modules
    • Area Management

      Register the complete decomposition in accordance with NEN 2767-4

    • Authorisation Management

      Control the access management in Ultimo

    • Contract Management

      Comprehensible contract management

    • Dashboards

      Monitor KPIs using dashboards

    • Invoicing

      For charging on incurred costs

    • Fault Management

      Visual observations can be registered quickly and easily

    • Cost Registration
    • Periodical Maintenance

      Planning periodical activities

    • Personnel Management
    • Project Management

      Manage your projects

    • Reports

      Monitor the progress of activities

    • Master Data Management
    • Standard Notifications
    • Ultimo Customization Tool

      Unique tool to implement adjustments

    • Ultimo Go

      Web app to work on the go

    • Time Accounting
    • Sending E-mails

      Sending e-mails from Ultimo

    • Stock Management & Purchase

      Stock management and purchase support

    • Work Order Management

      Fully process work orders

    • Workflow Scheduler+

      Designing customer-specific workflows

    • Optional modules
    • CAD Integration

      Room import from CAD and generating floor area plans

    • Various Interfaces
    • E-mail Import

      Importing e-mails into Ultimo and converting them in reports

    • Energy Management

      Gain insight into the energy consumption of your Assets

    • EHS Incident Management

      For reporting, processing and evaluating EHS incidents

    • Long-Term Asset Planning

      Compiling long-term budgets for assets critical to your organisation

    • Lockout Tagout

      For preventing the unexpected commissioning of Assets during activities

    • Change Management

      For requesting and processing modifications

    • Long-Term Maintenance Planning

      Generate LTMP year plans, incl. budgets & task packages


    • Mobile Reports

      For a user-friendly way to generate reports

    • Multijobs

      Coordinating multidisciplinary tasks

    • Self-Service

      For actively involving your internal customers in your services

    • Service Level Agreements

      Secure service agreements

    • Key Management

      Register, take in and issue keys and cylinders

    • Stop Planning

      For planning various stops/shutdowns

    • Ultimo Go+

      Additional possibilities with respect to the standard web app Ultimo Go

    • Property Management

      Secure your entire real estate portfolio

    • Shift Handover

      Digital log for the communication between operators and maintenance

    • Work Permits

      Support the process of managing and issuing work permits

    Infra Asset Management Software That Fits Your Organisation and Processes

    Following from our philosophy for providing flexible standard Infra Asset Management software, we offer you the standard Ultimo Customisation Tool. This tool allows you to implement various adjustments in the Infra Asset Management software without any programming work. The aim is to have the computerised maintenance management system fit with you work processes as optimal as possible and thus further improve the performances. Your application manager could implement these adjustments in the Infra Asset Management software, but our consultants are at your disposal as well. In order to familiarise you with the Ultimo Customization Tool, we offer a specific set of training courses regarding the use of this tool.

    Choose the version that meets your needs

      ​SaaS SaaS Premium On-Premise
    Investment Monthly Monthly One-off
    ​Platform Ultimo Cloud* Ultimo Cloud* Own server
    Customization Authorisation / settings Completely adjustable
    (Ultimo Customization Tool)
    Completely adjustable 
    (Ultimo Customization Tool)
    Access anywhere** Yes Yes Depending on your company network
    Ultimo Business Integration Limited Yes Yes
    Updates Included (once a year) Included (once a year) Excluded (on project basis)
    Best possible security Yes Yes Depending on your company network

    * By using Ultimo Cloud Platform for your Ultimo environment you will gain access to infrastructure that is available and up to date at all time. Both Ultimo and the partners that are involved in Ultimo Cloud Platform are ISO 27001 certified.
    ** with an operational internet connection.

    We will be pleased to explain the options and differences between these options in person.


    Infra Asset Management Customers

    "Ultimo proves its value by making RWS and its contractors co-operate better."

    "Broad support which enables several departments to save costs."

    “The look & feel and flexibility are exceptional."
    Rijnland District Water Control Board

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