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The disclaimer applies to the website Ultimo.com, the digital newsletter of Ultimo Software Solutions and all e-mail correspondence sent by our organization and our employees. The privacy statement applies to the information that is collected by Ultimo Software Solutions during website visits.


    Everything mentioned below applies to the website and the digital newsletter of Ultimo Software Solutions (ultimo.com). All mentions of the ‘website’ also refer to the ‘digital newsletter’. By using the website/digital newsletter of Ultimo Software Solutions, you agree with this disclaimer. At the end of this disclaimer, we will specifically zoom in on the e-mail correspondence of our organization and our employees with third parties.

    Exclusion of liability
    All information on this web page is intended for personal usage. No rights can be derived from the information. Information is subject to modifications. No liability will be accepted for errors or misprints. We do our best to present the information on this web page as accurate and complete as possible.

    Ultimo Software Solutions will not accept any responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by the usage, inaccuracy or incompleteness of the offered information on this website.

    The information and recommendations on this website can be modified without preliminary warning or notification. We do our best to have this website available as much as possible, but we do not accept any liability for possible consequences of (temporary) unavailability.

    Copyright and intellectual property rights
    The copyright of this website belongs to Ultimo Software Solutions bv and/or their affiliated entities, or to third parties who have made this (visual) material available to us. Multiplication in any way, shape or form is only allowed with prior written permission of Ultimo Software Solutions bv.

    Ultimo Software Solutions bv is not responsible for the content of the files and/or websites linked to this website.

    E-mail correspondence
    The information in an e-mail message is exclusively intended for the addressee. No rights can be derived from the information. Liability resulting from incomplete or delayed messages is excluded. Usage by third parties or publication of the message without permission of Ultimo Software Solutions or the addressee is not permitted. We advise you to scan all messages and attachments for malware and viruses before you open them.

    Please contact Ultimo Software Solution for questions and/or information about this disclaimer.

    Privacy statement

    This is the website of Ultimo Software Solutions. Our address is Waterweg 3, 8071RR in Nunspeet (Netherlands). You can reach us on the following e-mail address: info@ultimo.com or via phone number: +31 341 423737.

    In this statement, we will inform you about the collection of information during visits to our website. The registration of the collected information is only meant to improve the website, communication, products and services of Ultimo Software Solutions. Collected personal details are not sold to third parties nor placed at their disposal. Ultimo Software Solutions highly values the protection of your details and wants to inform you about its privacy policy by means of this statement. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Personal details
    Ultimo Software Solutions uses personal details to process your questions or to provide you access to certain information. By allowing Ultimo Software Solutions to do so, Ultimo Software Solutions will be able to react more efficiently to your requests, to inform you more specifically about new product offers or to invite you for on-line questionnaires.

    Off course, Ultimo Software Solutions respects your choice if you do not give permission for collecting, registering and using your personal details for client service-, market research-, or promotional purposes. If you do not wish to receive any e-mails, you can click on a link in received e-mails (newsletters) to automatically unsubscribe. If this function is unexpectedly not working, you can contact Ultimo Software Solutions by phone, post or e-mail, with a request for removing you from the mailing list.

    Ultimo Software Solutions has taken technical and organizational measures in order to protect your personal details against unintended or illegal destruction, mutations or lost and to protect against unpermitted transaction or access.

    Ultimo Software Solutions ensures you that your personal details will never be provided to third parties, excluding other establishments of Ultimo Software Solutions if the occasion is business-related. Ultimo Software Solutions will never save payment details on public servers.

    If you do not turn off cookies by yourself and you are using our website, Ultimo Software Solutions assumes that you give us permission for the usage of cookies. If you want to know more about the usage of cookies by Ultimo, then please read our cookie statement.

    Impersonal details
    Besides personal details, Ultimo Software Solutions can also automatically register general information, such as the used internet browser or the used operating system, the number of visits, the average time spent on the website and web pages visited. Ultimo Software Solutions uses this information to analyse the traffic on the website in order to carry out different on-line improvements.

    Links to third parties websites
    This privacy statement is exclusively concerned with the activities on the Ultimo-servers. Other websites (including the ones actively linked to from this website and websites of third parties or sub-brands) have their own privacy policy, which is not supported or supervised by Ultimo Software Solutions and upon which this privacy statement is not applicable to.

    Modifications and updates
    This privacy statement can be reviewed from time to time by Ultimo Software Solutions. In this case, Ultimo Software Solutions makes the modified statement available via the website. Ultimo Software Solutions cannot inform you individually about this. Therefore, you ought to check regularly if there are any changes or updates available.

    Ultimo Software Solutions will respond to all serious requests for access to, modifications, additions, or removals of personal details. If you have any questions or remarks concerning the guidelines about the security of (personal) details, then please do not hesitate to contact Ultimo Software Solutions. For other remarks regarding to this website you can contact:

    Roy van Huffelen
    Marketing Manager
    Ultimo Software Solutions bv
    PO Box 220
    8070 AE Nunspeet
    The Netherlands