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The safety of the many guests and employees is always top priority for the maintenance management of the Dutch amusement park.

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    Asset Management System for Further Professionalisation

    With over 35 small and large rides, Walibi is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands. Professional asset management is also very important in a special environment such as that of Walibi. Not only for the safe operation of the rides, but also for the professionalisation of the technical department.

    In 2005, the park’s Technical Affairs department decided, under the direction of Ton Merx, to start working with Ultimo Maintenance Management. Various rides are managed with the software, as well as many other (technical) matters within the park: managing the preventive maintenance, processing defects/failures, and coordinating the purchase of technical assets.

    In the future, Walibi would also like to support its stock management, start working mobile with Wi-Fi, and create and interface with its accounting system.

    Obtained results:

    • More safety for the guests and employees
    • Total improvement of the Asset Management level within the organization
    • Availability of many relevant management information

    Safety and Legal Requirements

    The rides have to meet the many legal requirements, which means they have to be tested yearly by appropriate recognised institutes such as the TÜV (German technical inspection associations). TO this end, the registration of information in Ultimo is of major importance.

    Comparable clients

    "Insight into the different world-wide installations has been improved."

    “The software has given us structure and discipline that was not there before.”

    "Good overall increase of the efficiency at the TD."

    "Ultimo-BlueCielo interface closes gap between engineering and maintenance."

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