Transparent and Univocal Working Method at Rijkswaterstaat

Ultimo proves its value by improving the cooperation between the different districts of Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) and the different contractors in terms of management and maintenance.

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    Evolution of Management and Maintenance

    The aim of Rijkswaterstaat’s programme ‘Asset Management’ is to execute management and maintenance in a structured and univocal way. To ensure optimal management and maintenance, the area information has to be clear at all times, and the supporting systems need to communicate transparently and equally. In the agreed performance contracts, Rijkswaterstaat and the various contractors communicate in the same language as well, which benefits the results.

    In most of the districts, Ultimo is used to manage the Infra Asset Management, but it is also used for managing and executing performance contracts between Rijkswaterstaat and contractors. The implementation of Ultimo can be further optimised with inspection tools and a GIS application.

    Obtained Results:

    • Converting generic information into specific information
    • Guiding Rijkswaterstaat and contractors in the agreement of performance contracts
    • Realistic maintenance that improves safety

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    "Broad support which enables several departments to save costs."

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    Rijnland District Water Control Board

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