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Infra Asset Management is available for customers and suppliers of the infra sector in order to manage and maintain the valuable assets concerning the infrastructure . See how customers in this sector successfully use Ultimo.




    Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management)

    More than 20 establishments (directorates, water and/or road districts) of Rijkswaterstaat make use of Ultimo. An important element in the use of the software is having control over the performance contracts and the steering of subcontractors.

    Edwin Boots: "We use Ultimo in particular to improve the flow and to guarantee the safety for the users of the objects. Defects are for example gathered nationally in a co-ordinated way and sent to the right contractors."

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    District water board De Dommel

    District water board De Dommel uses Ultimo since 2002 in order to support the maintenance process to the sewage purification installations and the silt processing installation. Ultimo also fulfils a role in the field of projects, the long-term asset planning, (time) administration and purchasing.

    Ed Herberigs: "In order to deliver a good final product to the customers, it is of vital importance to keep a good grip on the technique within our organization. We succeed to do so with Ultimo and thanks to smart interfaces we also achieved a substantial decline of our administrative burden."

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    Rijnland District Water Control Board

    Every day, thousands of assets make sure that the 1.3 million inhabitants of the work area of Rijnland District Water Control Board actually keep their feet dry and can enjoy clean water. To continue guaranteeing this, the thorough and professional asset management Ultimo offers is an absolute must.

    Peter van Leijenhorst: "The system's look & feel and flexibility are exceptional in today's market."

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