Broad Application of Ultimo at Steel Giant

Throughout the years, the support has expanded step by step.


    A Satisfied Customer for Many Years

    The Research, Development & Technology department of Tata Steel has used Ultimo Facility Management for many years now for their Facility and Maintenance Management. The organisation is very pleased with the advantages they experience because of the software. In 1999, the organisation started with the technical management and in 2004 they expanded the application with facility management.

    The Ultimo software is used to support the Front Office, Self-Service, work order management of the different Back Offices, various (preventative) maintenance activities on important installations within the department, etc.

    Obtained results:

    • Customer-friendly services for the internal customers through Self-Service
    • More possibilities for sharing the results of the work by means of reports
    • All supporting services that use Ultimo work more efficiently
    Download the customer case (PDF)

    Shared Service Center

    One of the most important results is the introduction of a completely digital Service Centre(?), which has been incorporated into the intranet of the Inclusief Groep. All internal contributors that dispose of a PC can report, request, and make reservations in the fields of ICT, Room reservations, catering, pool cars, office supplies, cleaning, reception services, QWE (quality, working conditions, environment), building management, and the technical department.



    Comparable clients

    "Better able to monitor the results with management reports."

    "We comply with laws and regulations by means of the Ultimo software.”

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