Guest Experiences Occupy Centre Stage at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

The best possible guest experiences ask for a tightly organised facility management; the right tooling is indispensable to achieve this.


    Aiming for an Optimal Quality Level

    Grand Hotel Huis te Duin, the five-star luxury hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands, has been in the Noorlander family for over 30 years. The facility processes in the hotel are in running order because of Ultimo Facility Management. Because of this, and other factors, the guests can live a unique experience time after time.

    T guarantee the quality level of the hotel, the Ultimo software is used for property and object management, corrective and preventive maintenance management, and long-term property maintenance planning. In the near future, the organisation wants to roll out the use of Ultimo further in the facility departments.

    Obtained Results:

    • More transparency and structure in the facility management of the hotel
    • A better grip on providing the guests with a consistent quality
    • Easier to monitor the results with reports

    Long-Term Maintenance Planning

    In the field of property management, the Ultimo software offers better control of and more insight into the property portfolio. For a well-balanced exploitation and insight into the course of the expected long-term maintenance costs of your property and building-related installations, you can use Ultimo’s Long-Term Maintenance Planning module to generate long-term maintenance plans. By budgeting thoroughly, it is possible to plan long-term maintenance clearly and well-founded, and to guide the execution of the activities.



    Comparable clients

    "Better able to monitor the results with management reports."
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    "All the supporting services which use Ultimo work more efficiently."

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