Cookie statement

During a visit to the Ultimo website, details of visitors are being collected and saved. To this end, we use cookies. You can read on this page what kind of information is collected and what we do with the information. Furthermore, we give you an explanation about what you can do if you do not want to accept cookies.

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small files that will be saved through your browser on the hard drive of your own computer, during the visit to the websites of Ultimo. Cookies have different functions, such as:

    • Memorizing the login name or settings to present you customized information
    • Your preferences are being saved, so you have to indicate your preferences once-only
    • Advertisements can be adapted to your areas of interest with the help of cookies

    The usage of cookies is completely safe and cookies shall never be used to retrieve private details such as passwords.

    What kind of cookies exist? 

    • Necessary cookies – These cookies are necessary to surf on websites. Without these cookies, it is for example not possible to order or to pay electronically.
    • Functional cookies – Websites remember which choices you have made during the website visit by using functional cookies. These cookies are used to save preferences such as text size and font.
    • Performance cookies – These cookies collect information about the visitors' behaviour on websites, for example, which pages you visit often. Based on this data, websites and their navigation can be optimized.  These cookies are also used to record how you came onto the website. These cookies are specifically not used to save information that can reveal your identity and all data will remain anonymous.
    • Targeting cookies – These cookies follow a user for a longer period in time on different websites and are meant to build up a profile.  A user can be segmented based on his specific interest.  These cookies are often used to advertise more specifically.  An advertisement network will place a cookie on the computer of the user, through a third-party website.  This cookie is read by the network of the website which is included in the advertisement network.

    Which cookies are used by Ultimo?

    • Google Analytics (performance cookie).  Registers the visitors' behaviour on the website.  Registers from which source a visitor came onto  the website.
    • Google AdWords (performance and targeting cookie).  Registers if the visitor came via an advertisement onto the website. Is also being used to show relevant advertisements on other website based on interest and website behaviour.
    • PANGAEA CMS (functional cookie).   Registers the visitors' last visit to the website.  Is also being used to differentiate visitors (for example to link a shopping cart)
    • ASP.NET_sessionid (functional cookie). Registers server related information.
    • Not determined targeting cookies to save information about visitors' behaviour. Customized information will be presented when a visitor repeats his visit to the website.  We will then provide you with customized marketing communication by using your personal details.  This information will only be sent, after you have left your personal details on your own initiative.  This communication can of course be stopped if you request us to do so.

    Do you not want to accept cookies?

    The use of these cookies enable you to use our website in a pleasant way. These cookies will not save any private details or passwords. If you do not want to approve the usage of cookies, then you can turn them off in the following way: