Leisure activities are highly important in the Netherlands. Ultimo provides many hotels, recreation companies and sport/wellness centres with a solution which fits the desired support need.

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    A well maintained, safe and clean environment

    Within the Leisure sector, the customer's money is the main reason for competition. Due to this competition, efficient operation has become the main focus. At the same time, organizations can try to distinguish themselves by offering a customer-friendly environment. But attention needs to be paid to the safety of the guests and employees as well.

    A safe, customer-friendly and clean environment is crucial in order to make the perception of visitors and guests as excellent as possible. By means of the Ultimo software, organizations are able to manage important assets and buildings properly, to execute the effective maintenance at the right moment and to meet important guidelines, legislations and rules. Besides they have a good grip on property and other assets such as IT assets and vehicles with the software.

    Your advantages with the Ultimo software:

    • Better control of the maintenance process which reduces the number of defects
    • Better insight into the performances of the facility and technical departments
    • Is safety a priority? If so, enjoy the possibilities to support EHS problems
    • Provide insight into your property portfolio and optimize the long-term maintenance

    Not every organization is the same

    In this trade, a large variety of organization types is active. Thanks to the modular solutions, we are able to provide the right kind of support to each type of organization. If property is dominant at your hotel organization or holiday park, our functions for property management offer you a great saving potential.

    Or do you have to manage many installations (attractions) as an amusement park? Ultimo offers prominent solutions for the effective and safe coordination of your management and maintenance, while retaining the desired flexibility in order to switch easily between preseason, season and late season.

    Within the Leisure sector, the following Ultimo solutions are often used:

    Examples of clients in this sector

    "No info without Ultimo at our technical department."

    "More transparency and structure in the facility management of the hotel."

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