(Semi-)governmental organizations are challenged to both operate efficiently and improve the quality. Despite the huge variety of authorities, we offer an appropriate answer to frequently occurring problems with our solutions. Ask for more information


    Appropriate support to various government processes

    Municipalities, provinces, Ministries, the judiciary, aid authorities and district water boards manage a huge portfolio consisting of property, business assets, IT assets, vehicles and other assets together. Both large and small authorities have to execute their tasks responsibly with less financial margin.

    As a government professional, you are able to give form to the different supporting processes in a structured way with the Ultimo software. From facility management (and property management), IT service management, infra asset management to the management of your vehicles and/or complete fleet. Depending on your support need, we compose a suitable solution from our modular offer.

    Your advantages with the Ultimo software:

    • More grip on the costs of your property, business assets and other assets
    • Better services for your (internal) customers and citizens
    • Better control and collaboration possibilities with external suppliers by careful registration of contracts and agreements

    Infrastructure and public space

    In collaboration with various important market parties and advisers, we especially developed a tailor-made solution for Asset Management in the infrastructural field and in the public space: Infra Asset Management. The solution offers extra transparency and grip for infra managers and contractors which have to execute contractual agreements. The result is careful and on time planned maintenance, a longer life span of infra assets and cost savings.



    Within the government, the following Ultimo solutions are often used:

    Examples of clients in this sector

    "Contributes to the preservation of the organization."

    "Ultimo proves its value by making RWS and its contractors co-operate better."

    "Broad support which enables several departments to save costs."

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