Environment & energy

The attention for durability when generating energy and with regard to environmental services has increased in the last few years. In order to improve the durability of the organizations in these sectors, Ultimo offers solutions which enable you to optimize both the management and the maintenance.

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    Lean operational management with return improvement

    Many investments have been made in order to improve the durability in these sectors such as developing clean installations, business assets and vehicles. In order to remain or become profitable, companies aim for an as 'lean' as possible operational management. In the field of asset management, the Ultimo software offers the right support in order to improve the returns.

    The Asset Management solutions of Ultimo contribute considerably to the optimization of the periodical maintenance and the defects maintenance. The application of the predicative maintenance and other modern maintenance methods can be perfectly fitted in. Thanks to the professional approach, the insight is improved and conditions are established in order to save costs.

    Your advantages with the Ultimo software:

    • Better insight into and grip on your assets as well as efficient maintenance
    • Downtime reduction, performance improvement and life span extension of assets
    • Various standard interfaces with other business software (ERP) and operating systems (MES) in order to improve efficiency
    • Integral tool for energy producers , environmental service providers, as well as recyclers

    More grip on legislations, rules and safety

    Within the industrial sector, much attention is paid to safety, both for customers and for employees. The Ultimo software enables you in a simple way to clearly ensure the general and specific legislations and rules for your sector. The Ultimo software not only offers concrete solutions for the asset/maintenance manager, but also for the EHS/safety manager. Besides a better control of your management and maintenance, you also get a better grip on the safety within your organization.

    Within the industrial sector, the following Ultimo solutions are often used:

    Examples of clients in this sector

    "The transparency of the maintenance of our fleet has substantially improved."



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