Within the world of education, expansion is the order of the day. Because of that, school managements and school governors are confronted with challenges in the field of management and exploitation. Ultimo assists them in the field of facility management, IT service management, property and space management.

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    Streamline your school environment and the supporting processes

    In order to execute the educational tasks in an appropriate way, the streamlined organization of the school environment and the supporting processes is a must. The aim is, at the one hand, to provide the (internal) customer with better services and, at the other hand, a more efficient execution of the processes in the background. A real challenge as you have to do this with limited means and a limited number of persons.

    By automatizing the supporting processes with Ultimo, it becomes possible to organize and execute the property management and maintenance activities more efficiently. Spaces and resources can be neatly reserved and correctly registered. Contractual agreements with suppliers can be consulted conveniently. And the management of IT assets and the work flows of the IT department are structured and streamlined.

    An appropriate solution for all school types: (combined) primary education, secondary education, higher education and other forms of education.

    Your advantages with the Ultimo software:

    • Grip on your property and long-term maintenance and thus better able to find solutions to exploitation issues;
    • Improvement of your internal services by taking a close look at your processes in a customer-oriented way and adapting them;
    • Complete insight into all your inventories, assets, and IT assets. Know how much you can save;
    • Appropriate for both small and large educational institutions.

    Long-range maintenance always clear

    For a well-balanced exploitation and insight into the course of the maintenance costs to expect in the long-term with regard to your property and building-related installations, you can use the Long-range planning Maintenance module in order to generate long-range maintenance plans. By budgeting thoroughly it is possible to plan the long-range maintenance clearly and on a solid ground as well as to steer the execution of the activities.



    Within the educational sector, the following Ultimo solutions are often used:

    Examples of clients in this sector

    "Work more efficiently at the ICT department."

    University of Twente


    Radboud University Nijmegen

    University of Hasselt

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