Focus on your primary tasks

Streamline your supporting processes with the flexible Ultimo solutions and allow yourself to focus on your primary tasks, thereby improving your performance and creating added value for your company!

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Improve your processes with our branch-independent expertise

Maintenance Management

Keep your assets in proper condition with structured maintenance management.
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Your vehicles and fleets clearly registered and workshop activities efficiently planned.
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Infra Asset Management

You agreements, either as an infra client or contractor, excellently guaranteed to achieve your goals.
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IT Service Management

Your IT infrastructure and IT asset management neatly organised for more insight and control.
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Provide your (internal) customers with an efficiently running facilities process and customer-oriented services.
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The advantages of our software

  • Intuitive & user-friendly
  • Adaptable to your company's needs
  • Always maintain your overview & grip
  • Modular design & scalable
  • Suitable for desktop, tablet & mobile phone
  • Easy to link (IoT, ERP, HR, etc.)
  • Synergy in management & service processes
  • Best practice through collaboration with customers
  • Available as SaaS solution
  • Your reliable partner since 1988

Find data easily

Access your information anywhere

Insight into your processes

Orderly planning

    Over 1,500 customers currently benefit from working with Ultimo solutions!

    "Insight into the
    different world-wide installations has been improved with Ultimo."

    "The whole team uses the software enthusiastically."


    Coldset Printing Partners

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    “The software has given us structure and discipline that was not there before.”

    "The transparency of the maintenance of our fleet has substantially improved."

    "All the supporting services which use Ultimo work more efficiently."

    "Ultimo proves its value by making RWS and its contractors co-operate better."

    "More transparency and structure in the facility management of the hotel."

    "We comply with laws and regulations by means of the Ultimo software.”

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