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Compiling reports with Crystal Reports has always been possible in Ultimo software. The tool offers lots of options, but for end users of the software it is occasionally too complicated. And this is why quick and ad hoc compiling reports in Ultimo itself remained a feature our clients wanted very much. Ultimo Reporting is just what you want. Its functionality has been tested in a hands-on session by an Ultimo Customer Panel. We also organised a number of one-on-one sessions with end users to test the ease of use. Of course, all the present options, with Crystal Reports and the selection list export, will remain available, as well as the options on management and analytical level.

Ultimo Reporting

A short introduction of the new Reporting Tool:

In all screens with a selection list, a new tab has been added to the input and selection list tabs. This tab shows reports that were previously made by the user and allows users to create new reports as well.

A designer was made to design reports; enabling the compilation of reports in an intuitive way. The designer shows a preview of the eventual report, so you get a clear idea of how the download of the report will look.

Data shown on the report depends on the screen where the report was initially made. When creating a new report, the screen settings at that time are copied so the report shows the same as the screen. Functionality like filtering, sorting, grouping and aggregation can be used by the user to design the report the way they want to.


The new Reporting tool has a number of clever functionalities to facilitate the end user. Two examples:

1. Share reports as template

Clever: you can copy the reports you created yourself. For yourself, or for other users in the same group. You can then use the basis for new reports. For example: did you make a report with ‘failures per equipment’? Copy it, and with a few clicks and changing the group you now have a report called ‘failures per employee’. Quick and efficient!

2. My reports

If you have made reports in a number of screens you may well forget where you can find them. This is why we added ‘My reports’ to the menu. All reports you made in the past, as well as the screen where you can retrieve them, can be found here. You can add this menu as a tile to the start screen. For a better grasp!

Ultimo Reporting is available for all product varieties starting the 2019R2 release, with the exception of Self-Service users. The functionality is part of the basic package.

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