See here a list of the most important improvements:

  • The lead time is now expressed in hours, rounded off to quarter-hours, instead of in days. Very convenient for you because you can now use the lead time for activities with a shorter duration and lead time as well. This is not only visible in the lead times, but in the job plans, PM jobs and multijobs as well.
  • Ultimo wants you to be informed timely when you perform actions in the software that are not allowed. So, we added various messages to alert the user. Entered a start date that is in the past? Ultimo warns you in time!
  • The priority screens has been expanded. The screen now contains options to determine when the job should start or end.
  • Ultimo used to work with a working day from 08:00 to 17:00 for determining the start and end times. This turned out to be unrealistic for many organisations, so Ultimo version 2019 uses the times set in the work calendars. Easy and efficient!
  • The planned start date, planned finish date and the lead time are now always in proportion. What we mean by that? We mean that the difference between the planned start and finish dates is in the lead time. And we take into account the working hours from the work calendar if you checked ’Based on working days’.

In the Application Element Tree (AET), which can be found in the Ultimo Customization Tool, you can set what needs to be done when one of these fields is changed:

  • The planned start date is leading (default): when the lead time is changed, the planned finished date moves; when the planned finish date is changed, the lead time changes; and when the planned start date is changed, the planned finish date changes along with it.
  • The planned finish date is leading: when the lead time is moved, the planned start date moves; when the planned start date is changed, the lead time changes; and when the planned finish date is changed, the planned start date moves along with it.
  • Ask the user: every time something is changed, a dialogue opens with the current planning and SLA data so the user can choose what should happen.

Do you want to know more about this feature?

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