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Once the foundation is laid in the system for the registration of all this data the work of the CMMS begins. The reports and dashboards help you see cause and effect that would be difficult to do otherwise. You can quickly see what part has been replaced and how long this took. And if the failure was actually caused by this part in the first place. You can also see the frequency of the failure occurring. Information you would not have if you were still using a card index. Linking data is the reason to exist for MMSs. It is easier to write maintenance plans. And the information you need for your report can be retrieved without a hitch. Without the need to search spreadsheets and lists manually. 

The CMMS takes action

Generating work orders and scheduling them automatically opens up your agenda for other important matters. Whether work-related or maybe ‘actually leaving on time this evening’. Everyone working with an CMMS knows what’s up. If necessary they get an automated message about a scheduled job. And by making different cross-sections you will quickly know if that particular spare part is in stock. Even if your colleague still has to place the order you can see that it will be delivered right on time.  

Practical, a digital card index

What more can a Computerized Maintenance Management System do for you? The added value of an CMMS? Read more in the e-book ‘Effective Maintenance Management in bits and bytes’. 

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