We looked at many totally different processes and discovered a whole list of similarities. We developed seven Solutions based on these similarities. This, together with a healthy dose of flexibility, means that there is always a suitable solution for managing your process.


As Technical service department you focus on the delivery of support services to your organisation. How can you make your facility processes smooth and flawless? And how do you provide more structure in the facility activities?

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How do you manage the maintenance work of your workshop? Do you perform any service work for others? Ultimo Fleet Management software means you are always up to date on all your activities.

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Infra Asset

Managing and maintaining infrastructural objects comes down to teamwork and the proper coordination of activities. This is why transparency between the infra manager and the contractor is essential.

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IT Service

The IT environment of your organisation is very valuable. ITSM software immediately provides you with more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to properly adjust your IT policy.

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Each of your assets tells its story. True maintenance means listening to those stories. Recognising critical signals and giving the right response. How do you get maximum availability of your assets?

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Medical Assets

The Medical Technology software by Ultimo is an important aid in the healthcare industry to meet safety requirements. Ultimo has been active in the healthcare industry for decades.

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Risks. Something you hate. Safety Management software supports you in recording and avoiding risks that concern safety, quality, health and the environment.

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Choose your application.

We are process thinkers who are good at automation — not the other way around — because we realise it is essential to have working processes. To gain some idea of the applications suitable for your situation you can select a sector or process or click directly on case studies.

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