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Your organisation is chockful of data. Data that contains crucial information. Information your organisation bases decisions on and that you use to manage your company. Yet a lot of data is not used in day to day business, because of ignorance about the nature and scope of the data. Or because information is saved in different systems and it did not surface in your searches. You want your decisions to be based on facts, don’t you? And use all that valuable information that is available? The many options of Ultimo Reporting Services offer a fitting solution.


Ultimo Reporting as service

Of course you know us from the clever software we make, but our real expertise is process optimisation. Your processes. With our software and know-how we help you to design your supporting processes as best as possible. And we also share our expertise with you when generating the right output, namely with Ultimo Reporting Services. Our Reporting consultant is ready to help you retrieve vital information from your data, which helps you continually improve the performance of your organisation.

Because you, as Maintenance Manager, want to improve your maintenance services every day. And as a Facility Manager you want to have smooth and flawless facilities. Which is only possible if you understand the information and have an overview of all your data. If you retrieve the data from Ultimo and translate it into usable information that helps you improve your daily work.

Together, you determine what tooling matches your needs the best. A ‘classic’ report, a dashboard in Microsoft BI or an approachable dashboard in Microsoft Excel.

Your advantages:

  • The low-threshold means you can start quickly with any type of Reporting of your choosing.
  • You get quality data from Ultimo, analyse it right down to the details and make the right connections.
  • You save a lot of time and hassle because you or your people do not have to do this manually.
  • With a Reporting tool you present your information in an understandable way and it allows you to get into the details, so you make well-based decisions.
  • Determining the right KPIs means that everybody can work together on the realisation of your targets.
  • You can quickly respond to new situations and you’re one step ahead of your competitors.

“Thanks to the integration of Business Intelligence dashboards in Ultimo we not only control the process but can monitor our costs better.”

"If you want to improve, you first need understanding. Create insight into your organisation. Use clear charts and KPIs to quickly gauge the state of affairs. Our Reporting consultant helps you determine your information needs and the KPIs you want to act on. We also map the data you have and any additional data you have to register. Together, you determine what tooling matches your needs the best. A more classic report, a dashboard in Microsoft Power BI or an easy to realise dashboard in Excel."
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