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How do you make sure fuel cards are used correctly? The module Refuelling allows you to read fuelling data and link it to fuel cards, employees and vehicles.


Monitor the correct use of fuel cards

Reading in the information of fuel cards provides you with a lot of valuable information. This allows you to make clear exactly which employees or vehicles have a high fuel consumption. Additional options are available (Refuelling+) to optimise the vehicle maintenance planning and improve invoice check.

All options of the Refuelling module:

  • Easily read in refuelling data from fuel cards including MultiTankCards.
  • Register fuel cards and link them to employees and vehicles.
  • Multiple possible validations, including not permitted fuels, the entered mileage and too much fuel registered on the card.


Process mileage and consumption

The mileage registered on the fuel card makes it easier to draw up a accurate periodical maintenance schedule based on the mileage. You can also use this information for a quick and easy report on the consumption.

Creating purchase invoices

The costs of refuelling and the purchase of additional articles (such as motor oil and screen wash) are registered on a fuel card. You can then create purchase invoices and view the incurred costs per cost type or per vehicle in Ultimo. After the purchase has been validated the costs can be charged to the correct cost centre.

Refuelling Cases


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