How do you make requesting reservations fun? With the Reservation module you can facilitate your internal and external customers in reserving rooms, catering, inventory and all of these services.

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A clear image of the availability of rooms

You will probably do anything to make your customers happy when using your product/service. It would be great if this starts when then create a reservation. That they have a positive user experience. And that you do exactly what your customers expect. Or even exceed their expectations. All of this starts with a perfect and streamlined process in which the customer is facilitated in every way.

That’s why the Reservation module offers extensive possibilities:

  • Recognisable icons and images to make requesting reservations easy.
  • Requesting complete reservations including inventory, catering, visitors, etc.
  • Creating recurring reservations.
  • Creating events (possibly with multiple rooms).
  • Management of the corresponding activities.
  • Invoicing and charging corresponding costs.
  • Insight into the status of the reservation, at any given time.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Thanks to the Microsoft Exchange integration, calendar invitations from Outlook can be created or updated as reservations in Ultimo. Or the other ways around. It is possible to send reservations from Ultimo to Outlook as calendar invitations or update them in Outlook. So with this module you can synchronise all invitations and reservations.

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