Work as efficiently as possible by means of Ultimo Go

The advantages

  • Use your mobile phone or tablet in order to immediately deal with activities on the spot
  • Create new activities or consult information
  • Intuitive use thanks to the simple touch control

Overview Ultimo Go & Ultimo Go+ functionalities

When you purchase Ultimo, you also dispose of the web app ‘Ultimo Go’. If you want to work off-line (without internet connection) or make use of the camera integration, scan functionality or GPS integration, you have to make use of ‘Ultimo Go+’. You can download ‘Ultimo Go+’ via the Apple store or the Google Play store. Please contact us as regards the required hardware and software.

  Ultimo Go  Ultimo Go+ (optional) 
Execute activities V V
Execute inspections V V
Register new activities V V
View and prioritize activities V V
View data about inventory, installations, buildings, etc. V V
View data about suppliers and personnel V V
View reservation data V V
Get directly in touch with contact persons by using the device (phone/e-mail) V V
View contract (with e.g. suppliers) V V
User-friendly search function V V
Offline available: ability to work without internet connection   V
Camera-integration (link pictures)   V
Scanning (QR-code, barcode)   V
Inventory of instruments and equipment (barcode scanning)   V
Sign digitally   V
GPS-integration   V

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