Grip on the process and result

By giving form to the implementation in a structured way, we keep a grip on the process and the final result. You may expect an involved attitude and expertise from us.


    Structured and flexible

    The Ultimo implementation methodology (U&I) is based on our experience in implementing (since 1988) and our project management methodology PRINCE2. The methodology is characterized by a pragmatic and phased project approach (project introduction, project initiation phase, realization phase and project closure). We always aim at an optimal communication between the members of a project group.

    The combination of our flexible standard software and the diversity of our customers and users make an a flexible project approach advisable. Just like the software, our implementation methodology concerns a 'best practice standard model', which is adapted to your customer-specific situation as regards building blocks and approach.

    The advantages of this approach:

    • Small as well as large implementations can be carried out professionally, but we always take stock of the reality and usefulness.
    • Your account manager and consultant are always involved in the project.
    • Collaboration is of the utmost importance In any case, we collaborate with you and your co-workers. Collaboration with third parties is also possible (consultants, organization consultancies, etc.).

    Involved and expertly

    During the implementation, we aim at a fixed consultant or a fixed group of consultants. By doing so, the consultant(s) can enter into your specific situation. Internally we divided our consultants into different groups according to the field and application possibilities of our software. By doing so, the consultants have a extensive broad knowledge but also lots of specific knowledge which they share with you.

    We are also available by telephone

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