UZA is ready for the future with Ultimo

The software is widely spread at the facility, technical and biotechnological departments and this incurs more quality, safety and transparency.

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    Grip on the supporting processes

    The Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen uses Ultimo 'from times immemorial' for the management of the technical facilities and installations. The technical department uses the software to execute careful preventive maintenance but also to manage commissioning reports neatly.

    The bionics department uses the Medical technology module for the maintenance of its medical instruments. The use of smart phones and tablets increases among the employees, for this reason the Ultimo application is ready for the use of these devices.

    Obtained results:

    • Better control of the commissioning of new equipment
    • Comply with legislations and rules by means of the software
    • More preventive maintenance, less defects

    Bionics and accreditations

    Thanks to the relation between risk classifications and maintenance, the bionics department of the hospital is better able to follow up the activities without a heavier administrative charge and to enjoy the increased quality of the work in general. Owing to this, it is also more easy to prove that the requirements of the accreditations are met.



    Comparable clients

    "More transparency and structure in the facility management of the hotel."

    "Better able to monitor the results with management reports."
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