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More than 1,500 organizations in various countries make use of the Ultimo software in order to optimize their supporting business processes. We would like to share our experiences with you so that you can benefit from the lessons learned.




    Customer Cases Maintenance Management

    For our Maintenance users, Ultimo contributes to:

    • improving the structure and insight into performances
    • realising cost savings on maintenance
    • improving safety and complying with legislation and regulations
    • the flexibility to easily implement the desired adaptations
    • the variable support possibilities: suitable for small and large organizations alike
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    Customer cases Infra Asset Management

    Infra Asset Management customers benefit from:

    • more transparency in managing and maintaining infrastructure
    • mutual registration of agreements and the monitoring of these
    • applying standardisations when efficiently executing maintenance
    • reducing the number of blockings and extending the life span
    • increasing the safety of infrastructural objects
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    Customer Cases Facility Management

    Our Facility Management customers confirm the following advantages:

    • The increase of customer orientation, which results in increased satisfaction
    • The realization of cost savings thanks to a more efficient method of working
    • Complete facility support from A to Z
    • The variable support possibilities: suitable for small and large organizations alike
    • The flexibility to easily implement the desired adaptations
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    Customer Cases IT Service Management

    Our IT Service Management users make a profit with:

    • complete configuration management and IT Asset Management in accordance with ITIL
    • support of the help desk and the processing if calls
    • grip on contracts, SLAs, request fulfilment, depreciations, and replacements
    • the flexibility to easily implement the desired adaptations
    • the integral possibilities to connect other departments as well
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    Customer Cases Fleet Management

    See how our Fleet Management users benefit from:

    • complete and careful administrative fleet management
    • better coordination of the planning and execution of maintenance
    • insight into the Total Cost of Ownership and the replacement planning
    • more grip on damages and defects
    • the other options to support other departments
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    How is Ultimo Used in my Sector?

    Although supporting processes within different organisations are often organised in the same way, there are also differences between organisations and between sectors. Ultimo’s flexible and modular possibilities allow for the easy implementation of specific adaptations. Would you like to know how Ultimo can offer support in your sector?

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