In the sector of (business) services it is important to operate competitively. Your internal processes directed towards property, housing and facility management have to be tight and customer-oriented. Ultimo makes that possible. Ask for more information


    Improve the efficiency and the customer statisfaction

    The services sector represents almost three-quarters of the national income. This large sector makes use of a lot of property and employs many people. In this sector, facility management is very important in order to satisfy the employees as well as to increase the efficiency of the daily operation.

    With Ultimo you have more grip on the facility processes within your organization. Provide support to the improvement of the customer-orientedness, give steering to the facility work flows and create realistic maintenance budgets of your property portfolio. But also enable your organization to improve the durability of your organization.

    Your advantages with the Ultimo software:

    • Insight into the outstanding contracts and suppliers in order to streamline the activities
    • Suitable support of your (IT) service desk in order to meet the processing of complaints, desires, information requests and defects
    • Customer-friendly self-service web pages in order to improve the customer-orientedness
    • Always in control of the facility activities at other establishments (e.g. retail organizations or offices with various establishments)

    Manage your property and long-range maintenance

    The Ultimo Facility Management software is also the right software tool for the property and housing management of your organization. By means of this tool, your portfolio becomes clear and you have a better grip on your costs. For a well-balanced exploitation and insight into the course of the maintenance costs to expect in the long term, you can use the Long-range planning Maintenance module in order to generate long-range maintenance plans. By budgeting thoroughly, it is possible to schedule the maintenance clearly and solidly in the long term and to steer the execution of the activities.

    Within the services sector, the following Ultimo solutions are often used:

    Examples of clients in this sector

    "Better able to monitor the results with management reports."
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