Experts in the field of process optimization since 1988.

Ultimo Software Solutions is an international company which is active since 1988 and develops, sells and supports software for the functional management of business assets and processes. Ultimo Software Solutions is a market leader in various market sectors with its products for Facility, Maintenance, IT Service, Fleet and Infra Asset Management.


    Our Mission

    Supporting clients in effective facility, technical and IT management with both a user-friendly standard software tool distinguished by its flexibility and the related customer-oriented services.


    Seven reasons to choose Ultimo

    1. Because the process optimization of the supporting services is the core of our software and our services. This allows you to spend more time on your primary activities.
    2. Because our software and services better allow you to control your costs, to optimize your output, to satisfy rules and certifications and to improve customer satisfaction.
    3. Because you get command of established standard business software, which is, guaranteed, the most flexible in its kind.
    4. Because the Ultimo software can offer integral support to all your supporting services.
    5. Because the software fits your practice. It has been developed in close collaboration with various customers and market parties.
    6. Because we believe that being involved with our customers and colleagues is a basic condition for your and our success.
    7. Because more than 1,500 customers from home and abroad experience the above-mentioned reasons on a daily basis.



    Three establishments in three countries

    Besides our main establishment in the Netherlands (Nunspeet, Gelderland), we also have an establishment in Belgium (Mechelen) and Germany (Dinslaken). The software is available is several languages which allows us to install the software in other countries than the above-mentioned.

    Contact information

    Reckon with the society

    Generally, Ultimo Software Solutions bv tries to take the interest of the concerned stakeholders into account with every company decision, an optimal mix between economical, ecological and social values are always aimed for. This can be noticed in the honest way of doing business, in the delivered quality, in the continuation of the company for the customers, in the pleasant and respectful working environment for the employees, in the solid return for stakeholders, in the various activities that protect the environments and in the long-lasting relations with suppliers. Every company decision is taken in accordance with legislation and (international) behavioural standards. Ask for a current overview of the concrete taken CSR measures.


    Ultimo Software Solutions attaches great importance to innovative collaborations with partners in order to realize optimal process support at the customers and obtain more efficiency from the software use. Ask for more information.

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