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Reseller & Distributor Partners

Our resellers and distributors are companies with domain-specific knowledge and a local network of customers and specialists. They have been trained and certified by Ultimo to advise customers about Ultimo and EAM related challenges.

Ultimo vertical
Drücker Steuerungssysteme

With the development of industrial automation and control solutions, Drücker enable the realization of complex plants worldwide. Drücker has established itself as leading company programming Digital Services for industry solutions serving customers in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, infrastructure, semiconductor, food & beverage and energy

Ultimo verticals: Government & Infra, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities

Logitek has more than 30 years of experience offering technology solutions and operational consulting associated with industrial environments, infrastructure and smart cities. It advises its client how to optimally manage the generation and exploitation of information in real time.

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