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Optimal is a company of reliability engineers specialising in strategic physical asset management solutions that focus on asset performance management to deliver consistent, sustainable cost savings.


About Optimal

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Optimal also has a subsidiary in South Africa. We believe that effective Asset Data Management is crucial for ensuring successful implementation of the overall maintenance strategy. Our team of asset management experts and engineers specialise in the full asset lifecycle management, with specific focus on reliability engineering/maintenance and materials strategy development/optimisation. We have experience in both, greenfield and brownfield projects, and pride ourselves in delivering solutions that are tailored to our clients’ requirements but also in line with the principles of ISO 55000.

How Optimal & Ultimo support you

Strategic partnerships are a critical part of our business model and is what helps us complement our asset management expertise through access to cutting edge, yet proven technologies and software such as EAM systems. Optimal and Ultimo have been working together since 2018 with focus on physical asset intensive industries. Ultimo EAM provides us with an enabling tool to implement effective day to day asset management for our customers.

Through this partnership, our customers get the benefit of a flexible, holistic, and cost-effective solution for their asset management needs. Our consultancy services support the successful implementation of Ultimo EAM as well as the management and optimisation of asset hierarchy, data, and maintenance strategies within the system.  Customers can expect reduced downtime, safety incidents, inventory/maintenance costs and an extension in the life of their critical assets.

Jabran Khan, Principal Consultant (EAM & Asset Data):
“The cooperation with Ultimo enables us to offer a Cloud based, flexible and user-friendly Enterprise Asset Management system to our customers. A robust asset and maintenance management strategy implemented via an effective EAM system provides organisations with the line of sight; critical in having a clear view of existing asset management arrangements. By engaging with Optimal and Ultimo through this partnership, organisations can benefit from holistic solutions that leverage both asset management expertise and technology.“

More information:

Jabran Khan
Principal Consultant (EAM & Asset Data)
+44 1224 967 337

Robert Pronk International Partner Marketing Manager
+31 341 42 37 37