Type of Partner
Technology Partner
Type of Integration
Internet of Things (IoT)
Ultimo verticals
Government & Infra, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities

Axians helps customers to stay in control of complex digital transformations and makes sure that technological progress is accompanied by successful implementation. Axians sets human interaction centre stage.

Technology Partner

About Axians

As an IoT system integrator, Axians is focused on advising on, designing, developing, implementing and managing software solutions for industry, infra and utility. Together with our partners and our own proven IoT platform, we make it possible to link assets, make data available and update systems. An IoT solution can be fully configured according to the requirements of the customer and has standard interfaces with third-party systems. This allows us to implement the required solution quickly in different markets and applications.

How Axians & Ultimo make maintenance smarter and more efficient

Axians support their customers with asset management by processing real-time data from machines using machine learning. To do so, Axians has developed MAESTRO, an IoT platform developed on Microsoft Azure that enables the integrations between operational, strategic and tactical data flows. This way, sensors and machines can be managed and checked remotely, alarms and notifications can potentially be generated on the basis of machine learning, and a dashboard will be available to make all of this clear for the user.

With MAESTRO it is possible to enrich data from Ultimo with real-time operational data. This creates an integral image of the available data from your organisation, which allows you to improve efficiency.

With predictive maintenance you can carry out smart maintenance by looking ahead. This takes a lot of work off your hands and increases the uptimes of your machines. With MAESTRO manufacturers of machines and equipment can decide to no longer charge the customer for the purchase of the machine but on the basis of use instead.

Axians about the partnership with Ultimo

Raymond Jansen, Sales & Operational Manager at Axians: “With the integration with Ultimo, our customer can fully set up end-to-end asset management and increase the uptime of the machinery with automated and real-time links between machines and Ultimo. Depending on the threshold values, alarms are sent to Ultimo in real time or to the operator with push notifications or text messages. The collaboration with Ultimo came about very organically; we complement each other perfectly on the customer’s shop floor. And the benefits show it: MAESTRO for the real-time data from machines and Ultimo for perfectly processing them in the EAM.”

Visit the Axians solution page on the Ultimo Marketplace to view more details.

Carlijn Donders Client Manager Axians
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