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Service Level Agreements

How do you make sure you can meet your commitments? When you compile your service catalogue in Ultimo, the software ensures the SLAs with yout customers are met.


Meet SLAs

Meet your service agreements with your customers or suppliers (underpinning contracts) with the Service Level Agreements module. For even better and more efficient services. Meaning happier customers!

Examples of why Service Level Agreements are made:

  • Responding to and/or solving reports, failures or incidents.
  • Meeting commitments in contracts and service contracts and agreements with suppliers.

What does the module offer you?

  • Automatic selection of the SLA and service level that best suits the created reports.
  • Monitors the progress, taking into account the lead time and waiting time (when you have asked the reporter for more information, for example).
  • Control of KPIs using dashboards.

Service Level Agreements Cases

Water board De Dommel
  • Broad use that helps save multiple departments save on costs
  • Lower administrative load with smart interfaces
  • Balance between exploitation and maintenance in the long-term management of assets
Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Over 20 RWS districts use Ultimo
  • Objective registration of data by using a well-known standard
  • Control over performance contracts with contractors
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