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Project Management

Do you manage or coordinate many projects? The Project Management module supports you in drawing up projects or subprojects. From preparation to planning and monitoring


Manage projects efficiently and coordinate them in a structured manner

A project is almost always made up of different components. Subprojects for instance can be: building a new production line or building public areas in a new neighbourhood. The migration of a server and the modification of a fleet. Or opening a new building. Use the Project Management module for efficient management and organised coordination. This allows you to draw up, prepare, plan and monitor all your projects and subprojects in a structured manner.

What are this module’s advantages?

  • You substantiate choices regarding the purchase of objects.
  • Convenient checklists for action items.
  • All information in one central place.

Project Management Cases

University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Goals in terms of transparency, customisation, customer-friendliness and cost control achieved
  • Broad facilities applications of the software
  • Improved internal communication
Water board De Dommel
  • Broad use that helps save multiple departments save on costs
  • Lower administrative load with smart interfaces
  • Balance between exploitation and maintenance in the long-term management of assets
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