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Product Files

Register the entire life cycle of your objects — from purchase to decommissioning — in a Product File. So all information regarding request, purchase, commissioning, use and decommissioning is clear in one central place.


Substantiate choices regarding the purchase of objects

Use this module to create a product file in Ultimo, in which you go through the different statuses of your objects. Those statuses are parallel to the phases of an object’s life cycle. Checklists you would usually use to go through a process in a structured manner can be linked together in the software. Those checklists are related to the different statuses. You can easily link actions to checklist items. Those can in turn be linked to the executor. You know exactly when which actions need to be performed by whom. By registering this process, you know the different objects that were considered in the purchase process. Or a why standard was departed from.

What are this module’s advantages?

  • You substantiate choices regarding the purchase of objects.
  • Convenient checklists for action items.
  • All information in one central place.

The safe use of medical technology in specialised medical care

Over the past years, it has turned out that the Medical Technology module is suitable to register many processes. We developed the Product Files module in collaboration with a customer panel. To structure the process of requesting and purchasing new objects.

Product Files Cases

University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Goals in terms of transparency, customisation, customer-friendliness and cost control achieved
  • Broad facilities applications of the software
  • Improved internal communication
Martini Hospital
  • HSE software to improve software
  • Work permits are managed and issued transparently
  • Management of Change for large projects
  • Employees are now aware of the important role safety plays
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