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Periodical Maintenance

How do you make sure periodical activities are not forgotten? Make scheduling activities such as inspections, maintenance and checks (MOT, legionella, etc.) easy and user-friendly.


Optimise the performance of your assets with predictive and risk-based maintenance

Generate periodical maintenance on the basis of meter readings, week numbers and/or frequency. This is often the basis of the execution of maintenance. In addition, you can also execute predictive and risk-based maintenance in this module. For predictive maintenance, the time of the required maintenance is predicted on the basis of measurements and analyses of the condition of your assets. This prevents unnecessary maintenance. And at the same time it allows you to stretch the periods between maintenance activities. Meaning you production process is set up in the best way possible. We also offer a standard interface with Endress+Hauser’s Life Cycle Management system Fieldcare. To provide you with real-time information and reduce your administrative burden. So you can efficiently shape risk-based maintenance.

What options does the Periodical Maintenance module offer you?

  • Use maintenance routes for multiple smaller maintenance activities.
  • Build up historical data for audits and checks.
  • Use a user-friendly planner to easily plan your periodical activities and gain an understanding of the workload.

Save time by automatically generating periodical maintenance.

Another option: have Ultimo generate your periodical maintenance for you. Especially useful for daily or weekly procedural maintenance such as maintenance routes and inspections. You determine per maintenance model up to when the activities need to be generated automatically. The contact in your organisation gets an automatic e-mail notification when the activities have been generated. Whoever is responsible will always know the exact status of the maintenance to execute.


Group Periodical Maintenance

Set maintenance for a larger group of assets, based on maintenance classifications. You can use the option Group Periodical Maintenance to do so. Now you only have to enter changes in the maintenance protocol or the frequency in one place. You can also use the function Bulk Periodical Maintenance to asses multiple assets with one work order. Is a certain asset okay? The system immediately creates a work order with status ‘Finished’. Is the asset not approved? Ultimo creates an active work order. This way, you build up a complete history with only a minimal administrative burden.

Periodical Maintenance Cases

BEWiSynbra Group
  • A safer work environment with integration of HSE/Maintenance
  • Better registration of processes
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
SGD Pharma – Kipfenberg
  • International application in different languages
  • Modified to meet local requirements and legislation
  • More efficiency through use of app Ultimo Go
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