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Master Data Management

Do you want to avoid double work? In Ultimo you manage data used in multiple places in different modules in one central location. We call these master data. Think of suppliers, documentation and departments.


The basis for clarifying mutual relations

Suppliers, documentation, sites and departments. Manage all your master data in one central place in Ultimo. And link them in multiple ways, making mutual relations clear. During the implementation it is possible to use a set of master data. To make sure you are off to a flying start. And have you been managing your master data in another system? No problem! You can still easily read your data in Ultimo by using an interface.

What are the benefits of the Master Data module?

  • Manage your data in one central place.
  • Understand mutual relations.
  • No more duplicate data registrations.

Multilingual Master Data

Are you working with multiple sites and different languages? Then use Multilingual Master Data. Everyone uses the master data in their preferred language. Think of progress statuses, failure causes or job types. This option makes it easy to benchmark because everyone is using the same master data.

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