Long-Term Maintenance Planning

Do you have a clear idea of all major maintenance activities you will have to deal with in the coming years? Use the Long-Term Maintenance Planning module to budget all maintenance on property, buildings and building-related equipment for the coming years.

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Draw up a realistic and sound long-term maintenance plan with the LTMP software

Anticipate what the future will bring for your organisation. Anticipate all major maintenance activities in the coming years. Register these in the software and use this module to draw up a realistic planning.

Using the Long-Term Maintenance Planning module, you can:

  • Draw up a realistic long-term maintenance plan, based on maintenance condition, indexing and estimated costs.
  • Simply generate a plot plan in order to make choices in the long-term maintenance plan.
  • Convert year plans into concrete tasks you can manage with the LTMP software.

A long-term planning in Ultimo in seven easy steps:

1. Start with the registration of your property.
2. Enter your master data (available via Ultimo).
3. Set up a uniform numbering
4. Link the LTMP to your property.
5. Get to work with the annual plan.
6. Bundle tasks for the execution.
7. Carry out condition assessments to process objective data in the LTMP software.

An up-to-date image of your assets with the Condition Assessments module.

Condition assessments are necessary to help you keep track of the maintenance state of your assets. You can also process the condition assessments on-the-go in Ultimo Go. Quick and efficient! With it, you have an integrated solution for Condition Assessments and Long-Term Maintenance Planning (LTMP).

The advantages of the Condition Assessments:

  • Guarantee the quality, availability and safety of your assets.
  • Take measures to prevent the further deterioration of the maintenance condition.
  • The assessment is the basis for making realistic maintenance plans.

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