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Key Management

How can you constantly monitor who has access to which room? Use the Key Management module to register the cylinders and keys/cards that are related to the building structure. You can also use it to register issues and collections.


The best possible key management

How many keys do you manage? And who has which key? Monitor your key management in the Key Management module. In a central and complete overview. So you know who has access to which room within seconds.

The benefits of the module:

  • Overview of which key provides access to which room.
  • insight into who has which key in their possession.
  • Grip on the stock levels (and the order necessity).

Interface with HR Management software

Having the correct data is essential if you want to execute your processes in the best way possible. Make sure everything relating to your key management is managed properly and use our interface with your HRM software. This ensures you register the start and termination of employments properly and timely.

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