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Cost Registration

How do you manage your expenses and budgets? Use the Cost Registration module to register the incurred costs and monitor your budgets.


Use various standard reports to interpret the costs

Monitor your available budget and clarify the costs of your activities. Registering costs is the basis of valuable control information. Registering your incurred and expected costs in Ultimo gives you this important control information and cross sections via reports.

What are the options of this module?

  • Register costs on different levels and differentiate between cost types.
  • Charge costs to the correct cost centre.
  • Substantiate cost issues.

Forecast of costs and hours

Gain insight into future workload and costs of periodic and corrective maintenance? This information can easily be generated or found in Ultimo. With ‘Forecast of costs and hours’ planned costs or hours of jobs and the expected periodical maintenance can be combined and exported to Excel. And the Excel sheets can then be modified to your liking. This allows you to view the planned costs for the following year or the scheduled hours for a team in the upcoming quarter. Because this information is offered in Excel, it is easy to modify or share with others.



Are you using Ultimo in an international environment? In which multiple organisations register their costs in their own local currencies? Try the Multicurrency function in Ultimo! This differentiates between the company currency and transaction currency, for example in the Purchase module. This means every organisation can work with its own currency, but you can still benchmark the incurred costs in your reports. Multicurrency is available from version 2018R2.

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