Webinar: The intelligent factory and the future of maintenance

We invite you for a preview of the factory of the future! This webinar will be on the 9th of June 2022, organized by Microsoft, Axians, and Ultimo. In this webinar, we show you the latest technologies in manufacturing.

9 June, 11.00 – 12.00 CET

The future of the smart factory is a hybrid situation where machines and clouds work closely together. Data can be processed and exchanged fast and in a safe way. This opens up data-driven maintenance possibilities.
These opportunities sound promising, but you’re probably wondering how and where you should start:

  • How do you start retrieving and analyzing data from your factory, production lines, and machines?
  • How do you transform these data into valuable actions?
  • In what way can asset management profit from and be optimized by using these data?
  • What kind of opportunities does a Digital Twin offer?
  • How can I use my data to start with predictive maintenance?
  • How can we ensure that the operator receives all information to improve the production process?
  • What tools are available to make our factory safer and more sustainable?

This webinar on 9 June, organized by Microsoft, Axians, and Ultimo, answers all these questions.
The webinar offers practical information for all layers in a manufacturing organization, for example, the Production Manager, the HSE Manager, the Maintenance Manager, the Operations Manager, the Purchase Manager, and the Board of Management.

This webinar will be in English.

Join us!

This webinar on 9 June, organized by Microsoft, Axians, and Ultimo will be in English. Register today!

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