Effectively monitor performance

The right decisions. You make them on the basis of the solid information you retrieve from the Ultimo EAM platform. Monitor your performance effectively and continually improve your processes. End users quickly retrieve operational information using a simple reporting tool. Various standard reports are available for tactical and strategic issues. And, on top of that, a powerful Microsoft Power BI integration for thorough analyses.

New: standardised Microsoft Power BI dashboards

In Professional Licences and higher, we offer our users standardised KPI dashboards in the cloud that have been built within the Microsoft Power BI platform. They provide strategic management information for your well-considered policy choices. The new dashboards have been developed so reports can be made over longer periods of time and intelligent cross-sections can be made; this allows you targeted analyses through filtering and drilling down on data.

Providing management information

So far five dashboards have been compiled, which provide management information about open and executed activities, corrective and preventive maintenance, costs and budgets. The dashboards show trends and root causes. The number of dashboards will be expanded gradually.

In Premium Licences and higher, we also offer you technical provisions in the cloud to create your own Power BI setup.

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