Supremely flexible
Covers all types of assets
Unmatched ROI

Best practices – ROI < 2 years

Our software helps our customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Infra and Utilities realise many advantages such as increasing uptime, managing costs, increasing life span, meeting laws and regulations and ensuring a safe working environment.

London Gatwick Airport: “After the pilot, our technicians did not want to go back to our old system because they liked working with Ultimo so much. From the beginning of the collaboration I was looking for a partner, not just a supplier, and I found one.”

Hutchison Port ECT Rotterdam: “We were able to realise an ROI of 2 years.”

BASF: “All information saved in one system, for multidisciplinary use. That is the biggest advantage of Ultimo for BASF. And it helps improve maintenance in the factory. Our experience is that the ROI of the Ultimo software is about two years.”

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