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Several departments of Wartburg College in one system.

Disctrict school Wartburg College has almost 4,000 students and 420 employees. A CAFM was purchased for the departments Technical Service and Housing: Ultimo Facility Management. It is especially used for building management, long-term maintenance planning and incident registration. But of course also for daily technical management, contract management and maintenance.

Successful long-term maintenance with Ultimo

The long-term maintenance plan in Ultimo is used for nearly everything in the Wartburg College buildings. It covers all locations and is kept fully up-to-date. Every location is informed in September/October what the new monthly contribution will be. The graphical view in Ultimo Facility System can show a couple of long-term maintenance scripts at the same time. Meaning all maintenance work can be viewed in one overview. And scheduled. The result: a proper demarcation of work and budgets. And a manageable workload.

“It is difficult to put in numbers but we estimate an increase in efficiency of 60% since starting with Ultimo.
André Wattèl
Wartburg College
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