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VTTI continuously benefits from Ultimo

VTTI is one of the world’s fastest-growing storage providers for energy and other essential products like chemicals. Located at major shipping crossroads and supply gateways, VTTI provides over 10 million cubic meters of storage capacity across five continents.

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Enhanced usability & flexibility

VTTI is a non-conventional company in a conventional industry. With real insights into the energy trading business, focused on the future. Continuously thinking ahead. Developing new ways to store and distribute energy and chemicals. Introducing new working methods, improving safety standards and implementing changes to make the company even more sustainable.

VTTI chose Ultimo as their global Enterprise Asset Management system. Ultimo helps to guarantee asset integrity and reliability as well as a safe place to work. Ultimo was selected because of its usability, flexibility and strong value to the business. The integration between maintenance & safety that Ultimo provides, is of key importance for VTTI. Because of Ultimo’s flexibility, it meets the needs of both large and small terminals.

The implementation of Ultimo helped to standardize processes and terminals are now able to share knowledge with each other.

‘The system is so user-friendly, that we were able to implement and train the users very fast. They were immediately able to work with the system. That’s a great thing about Ultimo.’


  • Standardize processes and terminals are now able to share knowledge with each other
  • The user-friendly system enables VTTI to implement and train users quickly
  • Improved integration between maintenance & safety
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