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Supporting software for the facility department of VRT for over a decade.

De Reyerslaan with its iconic communication tower has been the face of Belgian public-service broadcaster VRT since its conception. However, it is not an easy task to manage buildings that were built in the sixties of the previous century to make them meet the demands of producers today. Ultimo has been supporting the facility department of VRT for over a decade. And the software will become even more important when the broadcaster will move house in 2021.

Ultimo points the way to efficient management

The VRT was very ambitious but at the same time carefully phased in the Ultimo facility software. First Ultimo Lite, for some of the installations in the Radio 2 buildings. The Excel lists were imported into the new system without a hitch. A very easy way to quickly demonstrate the results. Next step: roll out Ultimo per department. And now all 2,000 people working for VRT use one or more modules of Ultimo. E.g. Fleet Management, Building Management or Key Management. As well as removals, projects, reservations, announcing visitors and the service desk.

Results achieved by VRT:

  • One integrated platform for all information.
  • Easy integration with other software.
  • Vital for the execution of daily activities.
“After all these years the first thing you notice is the ease of use. The software is self-explanatory, so everybody can have the same flying start. Crucial for our mission.”
Johnny de Meyer
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